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The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s office is now live with the statewide Electronic Filing Manager.
Court patrons can now register with and file using any of the Electronic Filing Service Providers

  The main page for training and information is
  Any questions can be directed to our email address or to (217) 753-6674


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Welcome To The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s Office

     The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk's Office serves as the administrative arm of our court system. The Circuit Clerk is responsible for keeping the official record in all proceedings that come before the Sangamon County Courts. The Circuit Clerk has financial as well as administrative and managerial duties. We collect and distribute all money owed to the Court.

     The Clerk’s Office has enjoyed a long history dating to 1821. This office is one of the few that can boast that Abraham Lincoln was one of our customers, and according to many, "He was a pretty good attorney.” Since that time, the Circuit Clerk's office has become one of the busiest Circuit Clerk's offices in the State of Illinois.

     Our employees are just as proud of our accomplishments today as our predecessors were. We have embraced technology. Our staff and management share a common goal of providing fast, friendly and accurate service in the most economical way possible. (We are taxpayers too!)

     This website is intended to help you navigate through the court system with ease. When you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask any staff member or me. We are here to assist you.

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Sangamon County Circuit Clerk Phone App is available at

the Apple App Store and Google Play

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The Circuit Clerk Lookup System may be unavailable periodically for maintenance

All fees collected by the Circuit Clerk are mandated by law.

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217 753-6674

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