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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Circuit Clerk's office?

The Office of the Circuit Clerk is located in room 405 on the fourth floor of the Sangamon County Building at 200 South Ninth Street, Springfield, IL 62701.


Where can I park?

There are parking meters on the streets surrounding the County Building as well as a municipal lot at Ninth and Adams Streets.


Where are the courtrooms?

Courtrooms are located on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors.  Room assignments differ depending on the case type.  For your convenience there are several video monitors throughout the building that will direct you to the proper courtroom.

Do I need an attorney for court? 

While you can file a case pro se (representing yourself without an attorney), it is always recommended that you use an attorney. (Illinois Legal Aid Online)


Can Circuit Clerk employees help me with my legal problem?

The staff of the Circuit Clerk's office is always available to answer your questions.  However, employees are prohibited from giving legal advice of any kind.  To assist you with legal questions, the Circuit Clerk's office has a dedicated legal self-help workstation at the front counter of room 405.  The legal self-help software can answer several types of legal questions and gives users step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

Where can I find forms that I will need in court?

Most of our forms are available online.  Multipart forms and all other forms are available for free in the Circuit Clerk's office. 

How can I pay fines or court costs?

The Circuit Clerk's office accepts cash, cashier's checks or money orders. Only Sangamon County residents are allowed to write personal checks for minor traffic offenses.  Credit or debit cards may be used for a small convenience fee. An ATM is located in the lobby of the office for your convenience.

Do I have to pay my fine in person?

You do not have to pay your fine in person. Any petty traffic offense that does not require a court appearance can be paid through the Circuit Clerk's online E-Pay system or by U.S. Mail.


How do I get copies of court records?

All records that are not sealed by the court are available for viewing by anyone.  Copies are available for a small fee. Documents are not available online due to the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts policy on electronic access.

When are court records updated?

Most court records are updated the day that court action is taken, however; some cases can not be updated until released by the court. 

What do I do if I miss a court date?

You should contact this office as soon as possible for information regarding your missed court date.


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